Hey There, Wild One – I’m Claire.

And I want you to know that you are not alone. There are stars whispering in the dark.

My life’s work is support you as you uncage  your inner creatures, and calm your heart and mind with leaves, stones, petals, and paint. In my experience, a cup of tea and a conversation with Nature – whether a kiss of rain, the moving wind, the scent of pine, a warm sunrise or a hand on rich Earth – restores a little bit of our spirit.

The Earth, art, and coaching offer us all a bridge. A bridge between an old self and a new one. Between our inner and outer worlds. Between one story and the next. A path of paw prints and leaves to follow as your inner creature creatively leads the way.

Are you ready to rediscover your creative inner creature? Let’s grab your favorite creative tools, a journal, a cup of warm tea and head outside to listen.


I am a tree lover, ocean walker,

bookworm, creature friend,

and an artist of paint, petals and words.


AND – I am an intuitive Nature based and creativity Coach, a certified Wayfinder (yay Martha Beck!) and a certified Morning Altar Teacher.

I help weary humxns reconnect with Nature, uncage their inner creatures, and live with creativity and restoration in this wild, modern world.

You can read a little more about my life journey here.

Are you ready to slow down and clear space for your creative, artistic self?



Unique + bespoke + 1:1

Coaching for your inner creature so that you can track your stars, move from hardship to hope, lead artistically and grow your wild life.


One-of-a-kind group experiences and workshops.

Discover the community your inner creature longs for and dance with your creative stillness.


The Mindful Creature

A guided meditation podcast to restore our connection to the Natural world and our inner landscape.

 “Claire’s gentle guidance enabled me to unearth the wisdom that was waiting so close to the surface. This work was another way to connect me with my true nature.”

– S.W., Canada

Ready for a retreat with Elephant, Dolphin, and Lion – without ever leaving home?

I humbly offer you my Hibernation & Heart Handbook.

A self guided, 4 day retreat that you can use and reuse, whenever your heart needs. Whether you spend 5 seconds, 5 minutes or 5 hours a day in restoration, I hope this little book will support your inner creature.

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