About Me

“Remember that all things which happen to you are raw materials

Endlessly fertile

Endlessly yielding of thoughts that could change your life and go on doing forever…

So fear not, my friend.

The darkness is gentler than you think.”

– Ben Okri

Hi friend – You are not alone.


I’m Claire. Fellow humxn. Walking the path with my inner creature. Embracing the heartsore and healing of life.

Maybe you’ve also been told that your story is too much.

You’ve been asked to put the hard chapters back onto the shelf and hide the beautiful scars you carry.

And yet, you have a longing to find the others in the dark and be seen.

Someone to hold up a mirror so that you can see the strength and magic within you.

Maybe you are looking for your community. The others who are on a journey, just like you.

The ones you somehow intrituively know are out there. The ones who are ready to share with you the deepest loves, joys and sorrows of life.

Your inner creature knows that your fellow creatures are out there in the wild, modern world – that it is possible to be connected and free. To live in the laughter, the oceanic tears, discover the stars in the dark and thrive – not just survive.

I get it. I’ve been you.


Since 2010 I have been moving, one brushstroke and paw print at a time, towards a more restorative life.

Using the ancient creativity of nature, combined with my highly tuned intuition, mindfulness practices, Nature rituals, grief and life coaching tools learned from some of the world’s best coaches and mentors —

I invite you to join me on a journey towards the longing you feel in your bones.

As clients work with me, whether 1:1 or in  workshops or retreats, they move from hardship to hope, from troubled to transformative, from survivor to thriver. I help you explore, inquire and create new life chapters.

And discover what no longer serves you. 

The journey of my life…


Has taken me north, from the southern most tip of California, up the west coast to the Pacific Northwest to a magical place on the edge of a forest near the ocean, surrounded by wild birds who generously host me.

Here, I’m honored to work with people across the globe, from Canada to New York to Scotland to Dubai to Australia.


And the paw prints of my life have had sharp edges, perhaps like yours?


I’ve navigated:

  • deep loss and grief
  • chronic health issues
  • a saddle pulmonary embolism
  • a traumatic event that made national news in the USA
  • intergenerational trauma

But through it all, I have committed, moment by moment, to reconnecting with my inner creatures and living a life that brings more healing into the world.

With deep awe and gratitude, I now use what I’ve learned to guide and support my clients on their own journeys toward a truly creative, mindfully, restorative life.

Let’s greet your inner creatures together, shall we?

In a world that is hurting, healing begins with you.

There is a gift that only you have.

There is a Tree that is waiting for you to sit under her, take a deep breath, and listen.

Wherever you find yourself today, let’s see what your inner creature is offering you.

Whether you are exhausted or sorrowful,

ready for a challenge or to recharge,

seeking more creativity for your work and life,

or are preparing to change the world for the next generation…

The Earth and I are here to support the art of your life.

It’s time to embrace your unique strengths, weaknesses, your whole self.


It’s time to create with your whole palette, not just black and white.

It’s time to discover the whispers and roars of your inner creatures.

Let’s see where they will lead us – leaf by leaf, paw print by paw print.

Your first Turtle step? Find a time for us to chat.

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