“Let’s go rattle the stars.”

– Sarah J. Maas

Curious about where to begin?


Let’s keep it simple. You can:


Curious about working together 1:1?


Is your Marmoset curious? Let’s have a Discovery Call.

I invest deeply into each of my 1:1 clients via our sessions, Voxer, email, and curating resources.

And because of this, I have limited 1:1 spots – in order to support each person restoratively and creatively. 

So it is important to me that we begin well and set you up for a coaching journey that may be only for a season, but is an investment that will support you for the rest of your life. Your healing is worth this heartfelt space and time.


Are you searching for a new mindful Nature practice?


In 2021, I added a very special skillset and became a certified Morning Altar Teacher.

I am honored to be one of less than 100 certified teachers around the world.


 “Claire gently and intuitively guides you on your personal journey of self discover. With her array of creative tools, resources, and a touch of whimsy – she helps you craft your own unique experience.”

– J.S., USA

A free retreat with Elephant, Dolphin, and Lion – without ever leaving home? Yes, please.

Longing for a retreat but have no time to get away? Sometimes our weary hearts and spirits need guidance and encouragement towards restoration.

I humbly offer you my Hibernation & Heart Handbook.

A self guided, 4 day retreat that you can use and reuse, whenever your heart needs. Whether you spend 5 seconds, 5 minutes or 5 hours a day in restoration, I hope this little book will support your inner creature.

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