“The role of the artist, after all, is to awaken that which has fallen asleep.”

– Kim Krans

I believe that we’re meant to live a connected, restorative life.


An artistic life. One that heals not only ourselves, but the world around us.


But most of us live in a Western culture that values an independent, isolated, fast paced hustle that “wins” over others. And when we find ourselves overworked, overwhelmed, anxious, isolated and grieving, we discover there is only space for the part of us that lets society be comfortable. We’re told to check those hard feelings at the door.

The gatherings and future (!) retreats I offer are my response to this.

A way to slow down. A way to heal our disconnection through community with each other and with Nature.

We need the mirror of other creatures – human, plant or animal – to show us the most essential pieces of our hearts. Companions who will sit with us and witness the joy and the pain.

You + Earth + We. Together.


A hand with dandelion pollen on fingers in front of yellow dandelion blossoms laid out in a mandala shape on a wood floor


A seasonal free gift for our creative community. 90 minutes of space for your artistic inner self to play.

Learn a new exercise for each season and be inspired by creatures, color, poetry and more!

three watercolor water Lillies in bright pink with dripping blue water


Whether you create with paint, words, yoga or something else entirely, my creative workshops offer space for your unique, Unicorn self to shine and mindfully reconnect with the Natural world.

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A 45 minute unique masterclass experience

In each session, we explore color theory, color expression and how to use the medicine of color to create even when the world feels dark. Together we uncover fresh inspiration as we partner with color as a mindful tool in daily life.

Creative Nature Workshops


2023 is the year of the Intentional Creature.

Each of these creative nature workshops is a unique 90 experience to play with creatures, color and mindfulness.

Whether you create with paint, words, yoga or something else entirely – each Intentional Creature workshop inspired by the Earth is a chance to rediscover your colorful, creative self.

The next opportunity?

April 30th, 2023, 1:00pm – 2:30pm PST

Investment: $0

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