CREATE with me

“Create with intention; walk like a Lioness.”

– Claire Takahashi

Create. Play. Explore. Listen.


You are an artist, a creative creature. Whether you play with paint, pens, while dreaming, doing laundry, meditation, cooking, driving, arranging flowers or while shifting sand or stones, using creativity is a way of being humxn.

But sometimes our creative capacity feels caged. Stuck inside the boxes of the modern world — instead of riding the winds as she swirls and dances to the beat you feel in your bones. 

I’m here to help you listen to that music. To find more ways of creating with your heart in this wild, modern world.

Ready to throw away the map and wander into a creative adventure?

Let’s begin.


 “…Her meditations and creative prompts give just the right amount of guidance to focus, but allow enough space for my own imagination to soar. And I really appreciate the creature cards – she delivers the readings so elegantly – they fuel the creative spark to continue after our session ends.

– J.J., Cornwall

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Unique + bespoke + 1:1

Coaching for your inner creature so that you can track your stars, move from hardship to hope, lead artistically and grow your wild life.

an earth mandala made with bright pink dahlia petals


Discover the community your inner creature longs for.

Join me for seasonal creative circles, Morning Altar mindfulness builds, small group journeys, workshops, and more.

Hosting a retreat or private circle?


Since 2007, I have worked with diverse groups of humxns, whether VIPs or student leaders to develop community and connection between both people and Place.

With my deep roots in Nature, Wayfinding Coaching and the Morning Altar mindfulness tool, let’s explore and build for your next gathering a one of a kind, restorative and creative experience.

Together, we will design unique ways to build the WE of your group and reconnect your hearts to the magical creatures that are both inside and outside.

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