“Don’t be afraid. There’s two of us now.”

– Diana Gabaldon

Welcome to the

Creative Circle.


A quarterly 90 minute workshop, open globally via Zoom.

Join me to learn new Nature and creativity tools as we explore together. No experience needed. Cost is free. Supplies needed are all optional and minimal.

Just you + Nature + me. Mindfully wild and free.

Experience the benefits of mindful creativity and the insight Nature offers us.


If you’ve found your way here, you’re likely someone who feels a strong pull to nature – to the honesty of creatures and the etherealness of the world around us. You’re drawn to find peace in the rustling of the wind, the trickling of the stream, and the stillness of the moonlit sky.

In my Creative Circles, we gather over Zoom each quarter to learn about a unique Creature, practice mindful connection with Nature via a gentle guided meditation or a unique mindfulness tool, followed by open, quite space to create, side-by-side. We mindfully connect with our inner creatures so that the next time we step outside, we arrive home onto the Earth.


Save the dates for 2023.

Beginning at 10am PST.


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  • February 18, 2023
  • May 13, 2023
  • July 29, 2023
  • November 4, 2023
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