Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

– Pablo Picasso

Creative Gifts & Tools

Are you ready to create with your heart? Here are a few creative, colorful gifts and tools to inspire your soul.

Join me in exploring the inner landscape within our bones as we remember how to play with the Earth.


Creative words & contemplation for Fall.


Download my free mini Autumn collection of eight intuitive poems. Words inspired by the rich tapestry of death and rebirth found underneath the falling leaves, soil and skin of the Earth.

Color with Creatures


Intuitively created to inspire your imagination.

Two free coloring page series to choose from: Seven Days or Seven Sundays. Sign up and receive a printable coloring page plus inspiring resources to use as you color.


A new way to creatively inspire your year.


An ebook to add Earth Alchemy and connection to your life. Download 90 pages of intuitive creative prompts, creatures, music, colors and more. Buy the book and begin today with 12 months of playful ideas that you can use in every season.

The H&H Handbook


Join Wild Wonderings, my monthly creative letter and receive the Hibernation & Heart handbook.

A gentle four day journey of practices to inspire, ground and reconnect your heart with the Earth.


Join me on SubStack:


My writing room, [ Paint, Petals and Words ] on SubStack is one of the best ways to follow along with my poetry and current musings.

Subscribing (whether free or paid) is such a huge encouragment to my inner creative writing creature. I hope your inner dreamer and fierce poet will join me there.

Looking for a bit of Animal insight?


Let’s meet with our fellow Earth, Ocean and Air creatures to see what wisdom they can offer your life right in this moment.

Join me for a free, short but sweet Creature call pull – We’ll pull cards from your choice of my animal card decks and discover their insights together.

A gift from me and the creatures to you.

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