Earth art is an embodied experience that invites me into deeper connection with the sacred soil in my bones and the ocean in my veins. I create with no map or end “goal” – instead, I listen to the leaves and partner with petals to co-create something beautiful with our grandmother Earth.

As a certified teacher and facilitator of the Morning Altar practice, I use this meditative, seven step mindfulness tool to lead experiences infused with creative Nature energy that remind us of our deep, heartful connection with the Earth and with each other.

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I am inspired by magical, sacred Places around the world.

My creative process is rooted in deep, intuitive listening to the Earth. The more time and space we have, the more we can dive into an expansive, creative flow together. Sometimes a build enfolds in a few moments or with a single stone – or sometimes our creative conversation lasts a whole afternoon until the Sun fades.

This collaboration between the Earth and I has taken me around the world to build and create in many special Places, including Belize, Canada, England, Scotland, South Africa, and various states in the USA.

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