“Creativity is not only about generating something new from scratch. It is also about playing with the pieces that are already here and discovering new ways for them to express themselves.”

– Day Schildkret

Pause. Close your eyes. What is your one of your first memories of the Earth?


When I was young, before my sense of time became linear – my heart remembers sitting under Lemon and Lime trees. The warm southern California sun shining. A dusty retreat on the Earth from the chaos that ruled indoors.

There, on the sacred soil, my spirit could rest. Listening to the chickens, longing to join the red-tailed hawks in the sky, watching as the coyotes ignored fences and created their own paths.

There, I was immersed in a natural world of creativity and play. With dirt under my fingernails, I created worlds among the roots. Using my little animal toys, there were trees of grass for giraffes and miniature rivers for lions to leap.

Since then, I have wandered far — and now return to my creative soul beneath the trees, weaving magic with the Morning Altars mindfulness practice.


What is the Morning Altars practice?

Conceived by Day Schildkret, Morning Altars is a seven-step practice that intertwines the healing powers of Nature, art, and ritual into a tapestry of profound beauty.

It’s not just a mindfulness practice: this meditative and playful tool is a return to the Earth’s embrace. A way to rediscover  the magic we held as children playing in the Autumn leaves, observing ants’ journeys across the pavement, and creating worlds in the dirt.

Join me 1:1 virtually or in person for this unique experience and exploration.

With the seven steps of Morning Altars,

We return to that essential creativity, wonder, and presence within each of us.

We’ve just forgotten to use it in modern life.

Each step of the practice cultivates a reciprocal relationship with the Earth, reminds us of that innate creativity in ourselves, and weaves them together with meaning-making and the growth edge of impermanence. 

The steps of the practice, each a beautiful, mindful tool on its own, are:

Wander & Wonder, Place, Clear, Create, Gift, Share and Let Go. 

As a Creative Earth Coach, I hold these certifications:

  • Morning Altar Teacher and Facilitator
  • ACC Coach with the International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Wayfinder Coach (Martha Beck Inc.)
  • And many continuing education adventures around the world

I support my clients and fellow artists as they rediscover their primal connection with Nature and uncage their inner creative creatures.


In addition to 1:1 with my clients, I teach here:


Dive deep into Nature.

Learn holistic healing and coaching tools from a diverse, inclusive faculty. I’m honored to bring the Morning Altar practice to the Institute of Nature Centered Coaching. Next cohort starts Fall 2023.


I bring the Morning Altar practice to my creative circles, workshops, and retreats.

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I am the Mentor Coordinator and Coach for the Morning Altars teacher training program.

Offered by the creator of the Morning Altar practice, Day Schildkret, this is the only program to become certified as a teacher and facilitator of this tool.

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