“Creativity is not only about generating something new from scratch. It is also about playing with the pieces that are already here and discovering new ways for them to express themselves.”

– Day Schildkret

Friend, it is my honor to share the Morning Altars practice as a certified Morning Altars Teacher.


What is Morning Altars? I’m so glad you asked.

Morning Altars is a seven step practice conceived by Day Schildkret, that is rooted in and embodies the healing powers of Nature, art, and ritual.

Sounds amazing, yes? But still, what is this practice, you ask?

At the core of Morning Altars is the simple childlike skill of playing in the dirt. Getting creative with the Autumn leaves that fell in your yard. Watching ants travel across the pavement and clearing a path for them.


With the seven steps of Morning Altars,

We return to that essential creativity, wonder, and presence within each of us.

We’ve just forgotten to use it in modern life.

Each step of the practice cultivates a reciprocal relationship with the Earth, reminds us of that innate creativity in ourselves, and weaves them together with meaning-making and the growth edge of impermanence. 

The steps of the practice, each a beautiful, mindful tool on its own, are:

Wander & Wonder, Place, Clear, Create, Gift, Share and Let Go. 

Currently, I am the only coach in the world certified as:

  • A Morning Altar Teacher
  • An ACC Coach with the International Coaching Federation
  • A Wayfinder Coach (Martha Beck Inc.)


In addition to 1:1 with my clients, I teach here:


Dive deep into Nature.

Learn holistic healing and coaching tools from a diverse, inclusive faculty. I’m honored to bring the Morning Altar practice to the Institute of Nature Centered Coaching. Next cohort starts Fall 2022.


I bring the Morning Altar practice to my creative circles, workshops, and retreats.

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I am a group mentor and teaching assistant for the 2022-23 Morning Altars training.

Offered by the creator of the Morning Altar practice, Day Schildkret, this training is a chance to dive deep into the practice and be in close community with the Morning Altars global family.

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