“The cure for soul loss is in the mist of morning, the grass that grew a little through the night, the first warmth of this morning’s sunlight, and the human walking in a world infused with intelligence and spirit”

– Linda Hogan

The Seed Circle:

8 weeks. 5 people. 1 journey.


An eight week, intimate, small group experience over Zoom (and outside) to practice creative stillness, mindful connection and explore Earth’s inspiration for living life. Join me and five other like minded humans as we collaborate, build community, and create with Nature.


Imagine a life that, no matter where you are,


You have the ability to pause, look at the sky, touch a tree, hear a bird, smell a flower – and drop into the embodied spirit of the moment you find yourself in. When we sit on the Earth, building beauty with her materials, we discover a way of dancing with the natural world that feeds the spirit of us both.

This is what Seed Circles offer us.


Rooted in Nature, you’ll have a chance to learn a unique, seven step practice: Morning Altars


As a Certified Morning Altars Teacher, I am honored to bring this practice to my Seed Circles.

Conceived and developed by brilliant artist, author, and ritualist Day Schildkret – who I trained directly under and continue to partner with –  Morning Altars is a seven step practice that embodies the healing powers of nature, art and ritual.

Each step of this practice cultivates a deeper relationship with the Earth, with our innate creativity, with meaning-making and impermanence.

A free retreat with Elephant, Dolphin, and Lion – without ever leaving home? Yes, please.

Longing for a retreat but have no time to get away? Sometimes our weary hearts and spirits need guidance and encouragement towards restoration.

I humbly offer you my Hibernation & Heart Handbook.

A self guided, 4 day retreat that you can use and reuse, whenever your heart needs. Whether you spend 5 seconds, 5 minutes or 5 hours a day in restoration, I hope this little book will support your inner creature.

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