“Transformation is a Butterfly who will always show up — as long as you tend to the garden of your inner landscape.”

– Claire Takahashi

Welcome to the Treehouse friend,


This is your permission slip to climb on up and be yourself this season.


I’m excited to invite you to join me for a 6 week Slow Down Season experience.

A 1:1 creative Earth + intuitive coaching container that allows you to slow down, create space for yourself, intentionally rest, wander, and reconnect with the Earth. 

Are you ready to find ways of being and deeply listen to your intuitive inner self?


 “In just one session, my intuitive self had more insights and space to speak than she has had in years. I can’t wait to keep listening to myself. ”

– N. S., Canada

(more about my 1:1 Coaching)

Does your heart want to slow down and be heard?


Whether you are a creator, animal lover, writer, painter, coach, parent, yogi, cook, Nature lover, walker/hiker, or folding fitted sheet magician (!), this 6 week journey is for you.

This creative, Earth based, intuitive coaching experience is ideal for your inner creative self — who may not have had much space to speak for a while.

Together, we will spend 60 minutes 1x per week for 6 weeks to turn over the intuitive cards you hold within you. The 1:1 sessions will begin the week of July 10th or July 17th.

To keep this container as delicious as slow Summer honey, I am only accepting four 1:1 clients to this experience.


What will you play with?


  • How to create Earth Art and meet the Morning Altar ritual tool
  • Greet your inner Animals
  • Experience guided meditations
  • Receive journal prompts
  • Learn the Sit Spot practice

But most of all, you’ll have 60 minutes of space each week for you to climb into the trees of your inner landscape.


You speak, breathe, feel, create – I listen, observe, sense and notice.


Week by week, you’ll slow down and:

  • Begin to hear the intuitive voice of your heart
  • Reconnect with the Earth in your bones
  • Uncage your inner creatures
  • And relearn how to play


Together, we’ll create a space for you to intentionally BE you


Here’s the logistics:


  • Only 4 spots available
  • Investment is $888 (via Venmo or PayPal invoice)
  • Six 60 minute 1:1 sessions + support between
  • Begin your 6 weeks during the week of July 10th or July 17th
  • Reach out to me with questions or to reserve your spot
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