Gathering of  lovely words

“The land knows you, even when you are lost”

– Robin Wall Kimmerer

“Claire is a wonderful coach and she consistently helps me find my own way through this life.  Her reverence for Nature is so apparent, not only in her words but in her way of being.  She holds such a gentle, mindful, and accepting space that being coached by Claire is very much like taking a walk in the Forest Herself on a calm, sunny day.  Her insights and coaching style invite the kind of stillness that lets you reconnect with your own truth and allow your own unique creativity to emerge forth.”


– Heather Fisher, Coach & Bodywork Practitioner, Idaho, USA

“Having the ability to sit with Claire for an hour a week has given me so many tools to navigate through this jumbled world in a more peaceful and delightful manner. Claire has the ability to calm you in the storm and help you see the beauty in the gentle rain even when it feels like a massive hurricane. She offers clear insight and highlights what it means to lean into the deepest, most convoluted parts of yourself and come out on the other side with a clear headspace and having a greater sense of who you are and what you desire.

Claire is extremely refreshing to the soul and reminds you that you are too. By bringing alive really big dreams in really small, obtainable steps, that don’t seem overwhelming, Claire has helped me see past the barriers that I have put up for myself and also understand why those barriers exist and how to work with them, not against them. Claire, you are a goddess! Thank you for your art that you bring to this world!”

– Whitney, Nonprofit Director, USA

“Claire brings a deep sense of compassion and curiosity to her coaching style. During sessions, Claire invites me to explore my inner world in a way that feels gentle, playful, and deep. As a result, I have had powerful insights and growth during my time as her client. I am so grateful for her special magic and highly recommend working with Claire!”

Nicole Virtue, Coach & Breathwork guide, USA

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