Work with me

“From the roots of enchantment, something of our lives in their broken parts come together to make for wholeness.”

– Linda Hogan

I invite exhausted souls into rest


So that you can thrive AND give back


While living in a connected, heartfelt way


I know you’ve been told a restorative life isn’t possible. That scars are ugly. That you should stick with what you know. To be silent. Not to make others uncomfortable.

And yet, you know what you need are the tools to track your stars. A reminder of the skills and magic within you. A mirror to meet your inner Lioness.

Fierce. Free. Whole.

It IS possible.

And you’re not alone.

I’ve been you. Perhaps you have experienced a life shattering event (good or bad) and are at a loss to integrate the changes.

Maybe you spend all your time healing others and need to integrate support and care for yourself.

Or you constantly say yes and are learning to take a step back and with kindness, say no.

Exhausted, overworked, or in pain but need to invest in your own restoration.

Or maybe your body has given you a hard-stop reset and it’s time to discover how to communicate with her and give her what she needs.

Deep inside, you know you are MAGIC.

And I know you’re magic too.


What happens in 1:1 coaching with me?


How do we partner towards restorative, hopeful living and do our best work, while also holding space for the pain and the healing?

We remember what we’ve forgotten.

We listen to the whispers of the Earth.

We lean into the edge and build beauty together.


You speak, breathe, feel, create – I listen, observe, sense and notice.


You’ll learn to…

….trust your intuitive inner creature.

….exist alongside the Earth above, below, and within you.

….find your very own beautiful solutions.

Each of us needs to discover our own unique magic. The facets of creativity, restoration, and healing that only you can share with the rest of us.

And you don’t have to make this deep dive on your own.


In our 1:1 sessions, the connection between the nature outside you and the nature within you will start to emerge. 

Together we’ll create your own unique palette of tools to support the dreams, healing, and work you do in the world.



  • The ability to communicate with your body and heart
  • Deepening your skills of observation, wonder and curiosity
  • Space to explore my toolbox to see what fits you best, including tools from Dr. Martha Beck (Oprah and Glennon Doyle’s life coach), Byron Katie, Tara Brach, Coaches Rising and Day Schildkret (Morning Altars).
  • Learning how to track your intuition in collaboration with the Earth
  • Using Altar building as a mindful, meditative practice
  • Connecting with your inner creatures and their creative leadership
  • Learning to access your unique genius and create your flow states
  • Tapping into the presence and creativity that is the gift only you can offer the world


The intentional design of our 1:1 work:


Two 75 minute calls. One per week in back-to-back weeks.

Beginning with these two intensive calls, we’ll explore your wild and gentle dreams, start to uncover your inner creatures (or plants!), and dive into the creative design of our journey together.

Receive your lifetime access to a private, living document of resources and inspiration on Google Drive that I will personally curate for your use throughout the six months.


Two 60 minute sessions per month for six months. (Total of 12 of these)

Each month you’ll receive a private, personalized newsletter full of prompts and gifts.

You’ll have unlimited messaging access via email and Voxer throughout the six months – the magic wand in your back pocket as you practice and integrate.

Post the journey, an additional 60 minute session to use as a follow up (within three months).


We’ll be using:

Zoom – For your 1:1 sessions

Voxer – Live messaging + push to talk so we can stay connected between sessions

Google Drive – Private living documents and resources curated just for you

Email – for notes, follow up and your personalized newsletters

Is your inner creature curious?


My coaching style is built on a process of creative collaboration with my clients using intuitive, mindful, nature connected tools.

This is not a quick, bandaid process. We sit with the light, shadow, and darkness.

Your whole story and whole self is welcome.

We explore integrative practices that you can use and play with for the rest of your life.

Thus, my initial coaching offer is a 6 month journey. Gifting yourself this time and space allows you to practice the tools we’ll discover together. The skills that will offer reconnection with yourself and with the Earth.

You’ll find ways to track your stars in the dark and breathe magic back into your days.

After a Discovery Call (gratis, of course) and chatting through the details, we’ll be ready to follow the footprints of your inner creatures.


The Heart Based model for investment:


Currently I am offering a pay-from-the-heart sliding scale.  We could all use a bit of ease and flexibility with our budgets right now.

The heart based model allows you to set the rate for your six months at a range that makes sense for you, while still supporting the wild birds I live with. The model also gives my clients the opportunity to apply for one of my pro bono slots or to contribute towards the scholarship for others.

Like Summer strawberries, we all have ripe fruit at different times and I do my best to keep the nourishment flowing. I like to honor your investment with space – so we will have dedicated time to walk through these details, the range of my sliding scale, and your next best step for right now.


Together, we’ll remember how to listen to all the voices within us (and without us) that do not speak in words.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not coaching with rose colored glasses or handing you a sugar covered blanket to roll in.

I’m here to listen and see all the colors you mention, as well as the ones you may not have noticed.

I’ll ask you questions. We’ll get curious. We’ll get messy. We’ll be covered in dirt, paint, creature fur or all three.

But as we sit with the tears, scars and sweat, we’ll dance. We’ll wander – no straight lines.

We’ll let ourselves be inspired by the beauty, the wonder and aliveness of the light and shadows in the world. We’ll sit on the edge of the forest where adventure and unknown meet.

We will work with the power and gentleness of the natural world to allow you to discover new ways to ground, heal, and move towards the dreams your soul longs for.


As you uncover your own relationship with the tools and practices we explore, you’ll immerse yourself for six months of reconnection and restoration.

In partnering with the Earth and our inner creatures — we don’t orphan our stories and instead find ways to integrate and grow with them. We discover ways to both grieve and celebrate as whole humans.

Creative, wild, connected and living on both the worst and best days.

As Kelly Wendorf says, “We don’t let ourselves go, we let ourselves be. Wildness is not a departure from sanity but a return to it.”


In a world that is hurting, healing begins with you.


There is a gift that only you have. There is a Tree that is waiting for you to sit under her, take a deep breath, and listen.

Wherever you find yourself today, let’s see what your inner creature is offering you.

Whether you are exhausted, sorrowful, ready for a challenge, seeking more creativity for your work and life, or are preparing to change the world for the next generation… The Earth and I are here to support the art of your life.


It’s time to embrace your unique strengths, weaknesses, your whole self.


It’s time to create with your whole palette, not just black and white.

It’s time to discover the whispers and roars of your inner creatures.

Let’s see where they will lead us – leaf by leaf, paw print by paw print.

Your first Turtle step? Find a time for us to chat.

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